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Happy, Healthy Smiles Start at DiFranco Orthodontics

If you are seeking children’s orthodontics in Park Ridge and Norridge, IL, then our team at DiFranco Orthodontics may be able to surprise you with some of the options available today. If you are looking to straighten teeth with braces, we’re happy to tell you that today’s braces technology is far more advanced than braces from even 5 or 10 years ago. With our state-of-the-art technology and orthodontic techniques, we are able to provide your child with the best options in orthodontic care today.

Options for Children’s Orthodontic Treatment

At DiFranco Orthodontics, we offer a variety of braces and orthodontics for children that provide a beautiful, straight smile, from the durability and precision of traditional braces to the discretion and convenience of clear braces, and clear, removable aligners with Invisalign® treatment.

Does Your Child Need Early Orthodontic Evaluation for Braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child’s initial orthodontic evaluation occur by age 7 – the time when adult teeth are erupting. During your child’s initial consultation, we evaluate erupting teeth to detect issues such as a possible overbite, open bite, crowding, or gummy smiles. We can tell if your child will benefit from early treatment, as many potential problems may not be visibly apparent until prevention is too late. Beginning treatment at this optimal time not only ensures the greatest result but also means less time and expense down the road.

Parents are usually relieved to learn that “early orthodontics” is NOT about their child getting braces! Rather, overall oral health is affected by proper alignment and symmetry of your child’s smile, jaw, and face. Our early evaluation is not simply about aesthetics but will help guide the growth and development of your child’s jaw and teeth – preventing more serious problems later.

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To experience our 5-star orthodontic care, schedule your Complimentary* Smile Assessment by calling 847-318-7711 or clicking here for our convenient online form. Your appointment includes a discussion of your goals, an in-depth exam, digital x-rays, and a customized treatment plan.

During your or your child’s new patient appointment, we will take the time to answer all your questions about our orthodontic treatments, our office, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us!

*Our assessment is complimentary for patients age 18 and under. A $100 fee applies to those over the age of 18 and will go toward your treatment costs.

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