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Fun Facts About Braces

If you have braces, or even if you are about to get them, you might not be too happy about it. At our practice located in Park Ridge, IL, we understand that braces have a stigma about them, but we’re here to let you in on a couple secrets. Whether you are one of hundreds of thousands of teens with braces, or you’re an adult that has finally decided to take the plunge, braces aren’t as bad as they seem.

And, once you get your braces off, you’ll be glad you went through with the process to achieve your perfect smile. To help you feel a little bit better about getting braces, here are some interesting pieces of information you might be shocked to learn!

Even Celebrities Wear Braces

That’s right! Whether you are rich and famous, or a typical teenager, braces are used by just about everyone. From Emma Watson to Dakota Fanning, there are a lot of celebrities that have worn braces with confidence. Go ahead and Google your favorite celebrity, maybe they, too, worse braces at some point in their lives! If you still think these celebrities are cool while they wore braces, then you should feel the same confidence as well.

You’re a Little Closer to NASA

Everyone loves space, right? Well, this next piece of information is out of this world! The nickel titanium that is found in some of the wiring in different types of braces is actually inspired by NASA. That’s right; the wire has built-in memory that helps it keep its shape no matter how much you try to manipulate it. What is even more exciting is that the wiring can actually be balled up in someone’s hand and it would still immediately return to its original shape. Now that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

The New Antennae for Radio?

We’ve all heard it before, “you’ll be able to pick up radio and TV stations with those braces!” Yikes. Now wouldn’t that be something? While people might say this, it is actually the farthest thing from false. And no, you can’t get struck by lightning either or set off metal detectors at the airport. So take a deep breath and rest easy knowing your braces don’t have added magic tricks or talents. They are simply there to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Getting braces is way more fun than you thought, right? Call (847) 318-7711 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul A. DiFranco or Dr. Paul E. DiFranco, orthodontic specialists in Park Ridge, IL.